to participate in the Rachmaninoff International
Youth Piano Competition

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*a video recording of the performance of the musical pieces filmed for the competition, unedited, recorded no earlier than in September 2022, prior to participation in the competition, strictly in the same place (hereinafter, the “video”). The video should be submitted in the form of a web link (the participants are responsible for providing the working web links). Videos should be made by one fixed camera without interruption during the performance of one piece of music and show a musician as he/she is seen from the audience perspective (in full growth); Turning off the camera between the recording of different pieces is allowed.

The documents:
A copy of the applicant’s document of identification (passport of a foreign citizen or another document established by federal law or accepted in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document identification of a foreign citizen for foreign citizens or ertificate of birth)

Applicant’s biography (approximately 1,000 characters)

2 digital color photos of the applicant, resolution of at least 1000x1000 px, including a close-up photo for publication

A copy of the musical education certificate

Copies of the laureate diplomas of international competitions for the last 3 years (if any)

Applicant’s bank account details (for the prize transfer)

2 letters of recommendation: one from the applicant’s music teacher, the other from the cultural organization, an educational institution, a concert organization or an authoritative figure in musical art. Letters must be written in the form of a special recommendation of a candidate for participation in the competition on Russian or English language

The list of musical pieces from the competition program including their tonalities, movements as well as the performance duration of all competition pieces including the qualifying round.

Consent form to use the performance (document for persons under 14 years of age / over 14 years of age)

Shadrina Airis


Born in 2004 in Minsk (Belarus).

A student of the Republican College of Music at the Belarus State Academy of Music.

Already at the age of 7 she gave her first solo concert performing 11 pieces of the “Children’s Album” by P. Tchaikovsky.

A laureate of numerous competitions and a winner of special prizes, including: the X International Competition for Young Pianists named after T. Nikolaeva (the Grand Prix and a special prize for the best performance of a piece by T. Nikolaeva, Bryansk), a three times laureate of the International Children’s Competition “Music of Hope” (Belarus, Gomel), the XXI International Competition for Young Pianists named after Maria Yudina (I prize. St. Petersburg), the XXVIII International Competition for Young Musicians maned after D. Kabalevsky (I prize. Samara).

A scholarship holder of the Yuri Rozum International Charity Foundation.

Along with improving her piano skills, Iris also tries herself as a composer of piano music.


I round

Chopin. Ballade №4 in F minor, Op.52
Rachmaninoff. Etude-tableaux in D minor, Op. 33, №4
Rachmaninoff. Etude- tableaux in G minor, Op. 33, №8
Rachmaninoff. Etude-tableaux in D major, Op. 39, №9

II round

Chopin. Piano Concerto in E Minor, Movement I